Our Featured Mama Gang Founder: Brittany Bell

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Our Featured Mama Gang Founder: Brittany Bell

Hi Mamas,

My goodness what a world motherhood is and I sit here writing this with a smile thinking of all the mamas that I can relate to ( literally writing as my son naps and I take some time to hurry before he wakes up).  

As I took on each day as a new mama, I realized how under represented we are in this world.  I thought about the ways I have nothing but the most respect for my fellow moms because no one will ever know what this life or I should say this "hood" is like but us.  I find myself to feel for every mother no matter what her lifestyle, culture, or location in this world.  Regardless of anything, mamas are all called to strength, sacrifice, and unconditional love like no one else in this world.  It is a beautiful blessing but also a responsibility we choose to honor.  Although every one in this entire world has a mother regardless of her involvement or the journey... it is the most underrepresented majority if we think about it.  I thought about how we find this honor for each other and respect the way we just KNOW how it feels to endure the weight of motherhood... the things no one tells you that you just have to live out to learn... and the beauty of the new world we enter whether new gadgets, methods, or community we find as we journey through the process.